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Dividend Portfolio Tracker

     Introducing the ultimate investing portfolio tracker for dividend investors! This Excel tracker has been created from years of experience in dividend investing and is the perfect tool to help you visualize and track everything you need to know about your dividends.

     With 9 tabs, 8 charts, and 16 tables, this tracker has everything you need to keep your dividends organized and under control. The main dashboard is completely automated and shows your Top 5 performers, Bottom 5 Losses, Portfolio Value, Overall Gain or Loss, so you can always keep an eye on your investments.

     The Dividend Tracking Portfolio tab allows you to input your cost basis and calculate your lifetime performance, while the automated current dividend yield and yield on cost calculator helps you track your investments in real time. Plus, the goal allocation percentages feature makes it easy to compare your current allocation with your target allocation, so you can rebalance your portfolio with ease.

      With an automated pie chart to help you visualize your portfolio allocation, and multiple charts to compare dividends including yearly cumulative totals, month to month comparisons, and quarterly dividends, you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

     The purchase planner tab helps you plan your rebalancing purchases and shows the live real-time cost of your planned purchases. You can also track your annual share purchase totals and DRIP totals to see the value you added to your portfolio passively.

     And finally, the annual Dividend CAGR tab allows you to enter your current dividends at the end of the year and automatically calculates your annual Dividend CAGR, so you can track your progress year over year.

     Don't let your dividends get away from you – keep them organized and under control with this powerful Excel tracker. Invest in your future today!

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