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August 2021: Dividend Portfolio Update

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

seedlings sprouting

My August additions were centered around bringing my portfolio into alignment with my allocation percentages. Particularly, JEPI was added a few months ago, so I will continue to build out that position with a goal of 10%. JEPI is used in my portfolio for a balance between growth and income with its current yield around 7%. I also started positions in Home Depot (HD) and Cost CO (COST) this month as long term holds. Each of these will be allocated 3% in my overall portfolio. I added them by reducing my portfolio’s overall ETF weight by 6% to make room for these additions. Below is a break down of the shares I added.

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Positions added to my portfolio

Below is a summary of my this months additions showing how much income was added to my portfolio. Another $118 dollars added to my yearly income!

Dividend income added to my portfolio

In 2020 I received zero dividends in the month of August, so I don’t have anything to compare this month to for Year over Year (YoY) growth. This August I received $22.35 in dividends with this month being one of my lowest of the year due to most of my stock choices paying quarterly dividends.

August dividends received

In the coming months I plan to continue to round out positions in COST, HD, JEPI, DGRO, and SCHD due them being underweight in my portfolio. AAPL continues to grow and currently makes up 11% of my overall portfolio. I don’t plan to sell any of those share so I will naturally let AAPL settle to my goal allocation of 3%.

What did you add this month to your own portfolio? Comment below!

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