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Unlocking Monthly Wealth: Unveiling the Best Monthly Dividend Stocks

Unlocking the secret to steady cash flow, we delve into the captivating world of monthly dividend stocks. Brace yourself for a financial revelation as we uncover a treasure trove of tantalizing investments that shower you with monthly dividends. Gone are the days of waiting anxiously for quarterly or semiannual payouts. Picture a financial oasis where regular streams of income quench your thirst for financial stability on a monthly basis. This mesmerizing investment strategy not only offers a consistent flow of wealth, but it also grants you the power to plan your budget with unrivaled precision.

Prepare to embark on a journey that will revolutionize your investment game, whether you're a seasoned investor seeking portfolio simplicity or a retiree longing for financial tranquility. Discover the best monthly dividend stocks available in the market today, carefully curated to ensure a captivating investment experience. With these monthly dividend payers, you gain access to a consistent and reliable income stream that complements your financial goals. Embrace the freedom to simplify your portfolio and budget during retirement, as these stocks provide monthly distributions, allowing you to design a financial roadmap tailored to your needs.

By incorporating these high-yield monthly dividend stocks into your investment portfolio, you unlock a realm of financial opportunities. Embrace the allure of regular cash flow, freeing yourself from the constraints of quarterly or semiannual payments. Experience the joy of watching your wealth grow steadily month after month, as these carefully selected investments align seamlessly with your financial aspirations.

Prepare to be captivated by the enticing allure of these monthly dividend stocks, where financial stability and consistent income converge. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of irregular payouts and welcome the charm of monthly dividends that enhance your financial well-being. Let these investments become the cornerstone of your wealth-building strategy, empowering you to navigate the ever-changing tides of the market with confidence and ease.

Explore our meticulously curated selection of the finest monthly dividend stocks available, and unlock the key to a more prosperous future.

Table of Contents

Why Choose Monthly Dividend Stocks?

What to Look for in Monthly Dividend Stocks?

Realty Income Stock

STAG Industrial

Land Stock


JEPI Stock

MAIN Stock

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Why choose monthly dividend stocks?

Monthly dividend stocks are stocks that pay dividends to shareholders on a monthly basis, rather than quarterly or annually. There are several benefits to investing in monthly dividend stocks, which can make them a good addition to an investment portfolio:

  • Regular income: Monthly dividends provide a regular stream of income for investors, which can be helpful for those who rely on their investments for cash flow or are living off of their dividends in retirement.

  • Consistent returns: Monthly dividends can provide more consistent returns than quarterly or annual dividends, since they are paid more frequently. This can help smooth out volatility in the stock price and provide a more predictable income stream.

  • Compounding: Monthly dividends can be reinvested more quickly, which can lead to faster compounding of returns. This means that the dividends earned from the stock can be used to buy more shares, which in turn will generate more dividends.

  • Tax efficiency: Some investors may prefer monthly dividends for tax purposes, as the smaller regular payments may be taxed at a lower rate than a large annual payment.

  • Diversification: Monthly dividends can add diversification to an investment portfolio, as they can provide a regular income stream that is not dependent on the performance of the stock market.

It's worth noting that monthly dividends stocks may have lower yield than quarterly or annual dividends stocks and may also have higher volatility due to the frequency of the dividends. However, for those investors seeking regular income, monthly dividend stocks can be a good addition to an investment portfolio.

What to look for in Monthly Dividend Paying stocks?

When choosing monthly dividend paying stocks, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Dividend Yield: The dividend yield is the annual dividend payment divided by the stock price. A higher yield is generally considered more attractive, but it's important to also consider the stock's payout ratio, which is the proportion of earnings paid out as dividends, to ensure that the dividend is sustainable.

  2. Dividend Growth: Look for stocks with a history of increasing dividends on a regular basis. This is a sign of a company's financial strength and its ability to maintain and increase its dividends in the future.

  3. Financial Strength: The company's financial metrics such as profit margin, return on equity, and debt-to-equity ratio are important to evaluate. Stocks of financially strong companies are more likely to maintain or increase their dividends in the future.

  4. Industry and Business Model: Consider the company's industry and business model, as some industries and business models are more stable and predictable than others. For example, utilities and consumer staples are known for having a stable and predictable cash flow, making them good candidates for monthly dividends.

  5. Valuation: Look for stocks that are trading at a reasonable price relative to their earnings, dividends, and growth prospects. This will help to ensure that you are getting a good value for your investment.

  6. Management and governance: Look for companies that have a good management and governance, as they are more likely to make sound decisions and act in the best interest of shareholders.

It's worth noting that dividend-paying stocks may be more volatile than non-dividend paying stocks and the dividend may be cut or suspended if the company faces financial difficulties. It's always important to conduct your own research and analysis and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Realty Income Stock ($O)

Realty Income Logo

Welcome to an illuminating exploration of the world of monthly dividend stocks. Today, we shine a spotlight on the first gem in our treasure trove: Realty Income, affectionately known as "The Monthly Dividend Company." Prepare to be enchanted by the captivating history and impressive performance of this remarkable investment.

Realty Income has established an unrivaled reputation as a reliable dividend payer, boasting an astonishing track record of 630 consecutive months of dividend payments. But that's not all—this illustrious company has also achieved the remarkable feat of increasing its dividends for 101 consecutive quarters, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to rewarding its shareholders. Moreover, during this impressive journey, Realty Income's dividend has experienced a steady annual growth rate of 4.4% (CAGR), a testament to its consistent performance over time.

In addition to its impressive dividend history, Realty Income has proven to be a rewarding investment in terms of stock price appreciation. Since its inception in 1994, the stock has generated a remarkable return of 14.4%, further solidifying its position as a wealth-building powerhouse. This exceptional performance has attracted investors seeking both income and capital appreciation. Furthermore, Realty Income has distinguished itself by distributing a staggering $10.2 billion in dividends over the past 53 years, showcasing its dedication to rewarding its shareholders with generous returns. This impressive figure serves as a testament to the company's long-standing commitment to providing consistent and substantial income to its loyal investors.

$O dividend track record

Realty Income Dividend Yield: 4.51%

Realty Income Dividend Monthly: $0.248

Realty Income Dividend Annual: $3.096

Income from $100,000 investment: $4,510

Realty Income Dividend History
Realty Income's Dividend Increases

Realty Income's success can be attributed, in part, to its diverse client base. With a portfolio encompassing a wide range of businesses, including grocery stores (10%), convenience stores (9%), dollar stores (7.7%), and restaurants (11.9%), Realty Income has established a solid foundation rooted in various industries. This diversification helps mitigate risk and ensures a stable stream of income for its shareholders.

Not content to rest on its laurels, Realty Income is continuously expanding its horizons. The company has set its sights on Europe, seeking to broaden its market reach and further diversify its holdings. This strategic move not only positions Realty Income for continued growth but also presents investors with exciting opportunities to tap into international markets.

In conclusion, Realty Income stands tall as an exemplary monthly dividend stock, captivating investors with its remarkable dividend history, impressive stock price appreciation, and commitment to rewarding shareholders. As Realty Income expands its presence in Europe, the company's potential for continued success only grows stronger, making it a compelling addition to any investor's portfolio.

Realty income's top clients

*BONES* Realty Income Cooperation recently spun off its' offices into Orion Office REIT. If a monthly dividend stock that's in the Office REIT sector interests you, I would look into them as well.

DISCLOSURE: I am long $O in my taxable dividend investment portfolio

STAG Industrial ($STAG)

STAG logo

Prepare to be enlightened as we delve into the captivating world of STAG Industrial, a prominent player in the realm of industrial real estate investment trusts (REITs). With an unwavering focus on industrial properties, STAG Industrial sets itself apart as one of the few pure industrial REITs available in the market. Today, we uncover the secrets behind their success and why they are an excellent choice for investors seeking a monthly dividend stock in the Industrial REIT sector.

STAG Industrial boasts an extensive and impressive portfolio, encompassing a staggering 111 million square feet spread across 563 properties in 41 states. This vast collection of industrial properties contributes to a remarkable portfolio valuation of approximately $8.7 billion, reflecting the company's substantial market presence and strategic acquisitions.

STAG Industrial Dividend Yield: 4.44%

STAG Industrial Dividend Monthly: $0.12

STAG Industrial Dividend Annual: $1.46

Income from $100,000 investment: $4,440

"STAG Industrial, Inc. (NYSE: STAG) is a real estate investment trust focused on the acquisition, ownership and operation of industrial properties throughout the United States. For most of our properties (approximately 96%), tenants have entered triple-net leases, where they are responsible for all aspects of and costs related to the building and its operation during the lease term, including utilities, taxes, insurance and maintenance costs, but typically excluding roof and building structure. By targeting this type of property, STAG has developed an investment strategy that helps investors find a powerful balance of income plus growth."

While STAG Industrial's dividend growth may not rival that of some industry peers, it has consistently increased over the past four years, showcasing the company's commitment to rewarding its shareholders. The relatively shorter duration of this growth trajectory should not undermine the appeal of STAG Industrial as a reliable monthly dividend payer. Investors can expect an approximate monthly dividend payout of around $0.12, equivalent to an annual dividend of $1.46. This consistent income stream adds a touch of stability to investors' portfolios, making STAG Industrial an enticing choice for those seeking regular dividends.

Investing in STAG Industrial offers a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the thriving industrial REIT sector. By focusing solely on industrial properties, STAG Industrial demonstrates their specialized expertise in this niche market. This targeted approach allows them to capitalize on the growing demand for industrial real estate, driven by factors such as e-commerce growth and logistics expansion. Incorporating STAG Industrial into your investment portfolio provides access to the lucrative industrial sector, which plays a crucial role in supporting various industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. As the economy continues to evolve, the demand for industrial properties remains robust, positioning STAG Industrial for potential long-term growth and stability.

In conclusion, STAG Industrial stands tall as a premier choice for investors seeking a monthly dividend stock in the Industrial REIT sector. With its exclusive focus on industrial properties, a diverse and valuable portfolio, and a consistent dividend payout, STAG Industrial offers a compelling investment opportunity. By embracing STAG Industrial, investors can tap into the promising industrial sector and potentially reap the benefits of long-term growth and reliable monthly dividends.

Gladstone Land ($LAND)

Gladstone Land Logo

Prepare to be introduced to the unique and intriguing world of Gladstone Land Corporation—a Farmland Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that offers a captivating twist on traditional REIT investments. By delving into the fascinating realm of farmland real estate, Gladstone Land stands out as a distinctive and promising addition to any investment portfolio.

Gladstone Land distinguishes itself by owning and leasing farmland and farm-related facilities to high-quality farmers, primarily through triple-net leases. Under this arrangement, the farmers bear the responsibility of paying rent, insurance, maintenance, and taxes, ensuring a steady and reliable income stream for Gladstone Land. Currently, the company owns an impressive portfolio of 169 farms, encompassing over 115,000 total acres across 15 states. Additionally, they possess 45,000 acre-feet of banked water in California, valued at a total of approximately $1.6 billion. Notably, all of Gladstone Land's acreage is fully leased, demonstrating the company's success in securing long-term occupancy.

LAND Dividend Yield: 2.74%

LAND Dividend Monthly: $0.05

LAND Dividend Annual: $0.60

Income from $100,000 investment: $2,740

Gladstone Land Investment Locations

Gladstone Land focuses primarily on annual fresh produce and permanent crops, with additional investments in grains and other crops. By strategically diversifying their agricultural holdings, they mitigate risk and ensure a stable revenue stream from a variety of sources within the agricultural sector.

$LAND example properties

Investing in Gladstone Land provides the opportunity for a more stable investment experience, characterized by lower volatility compared to other investment options. By capitalizing on the inherent value and long-term stability of farmland, Gladstone Land positions itself as a resilient investment choice in an ever-changing market landscape.

$LAND Standard Deviation
$LAND Implied Standard Deviation

Since its inception in 2013, Gladstone Land has delivered exceptional results for investors. $LAND has produced an impressive total return of 110%, translating to an annual total return of approximately 11%. Even without reinvesting dividends, the average annual return stands at around 3.45%, which exceeds inflation rates. This remarkable performance highlights the potential for both capital appreciation and a reliable stream of monthly passive dividend income.

Now, the question arises: Should you add Gladstone Land to your portfolio? Given its unique positioning as a farmland-focused REIT, Gladstone Land offers an enticing opportunity for investors seeking stability, diversification, and consistent income. By incorporating Gladstone Land into your portfolio, you gain exposure to the agricultural sector and the potential for attractive long-term returns.

In conclusion, Gladstone Land Corporation stands as an intriguing and promising investment option within the realm of farmland real estate. With its extensive portfolio, fully leased acreage, stable investment characteristics, and impressive returns, Gladstone Land presents a compelling case for inclusion in your investment strategy. Embrace the allure of farmland as an alternative asset class, combining the potential for capital appreciation, inflation-beating returns, and monthly passive dividends.


Riocan stock logo

Welcome to the world of RioCan, one of Canada's premier real estate investment trusts (REITs). As you explore the captivating landscape of real estate investment, RioCan emerges as a standout player with its impressive portfolio and solid market presence.

With a total enterprise value of approximately $13 billion as of September 30, 2022, RioCan stands tall as one of Canada's largest REITs. This significant valuation reflects the company's vast holdings, comprising 198 properties encompassing a remarkable 35,000,000 square meters of leasable area. The sheer size and value of RioCan's portfolio showcase its prominence in the Canadian real estate market.

RIOCAN investment locations

RIOCF Dividend Yield: 4.57%

RIOCF Dividend Monthly: $0.06

RIOCF Dividend Annual: $0.72

Income from $100,000 investment: $4,570

RioCan's investment portfolio is carefully crafted, focusing on commercial properties with committed occupancy and dedicated tenants. The company takes pride in housing essential retail anchor tenants, including grocery stores, pharmacies, personal services, furniture stores, and various other types of retailers. This diversification ensures a stable income stream by catering to essential consumer needs. By strategically selecting tenants and maintaining high occupancy rates, RioCan provides investors with a sense of security and reliability.

RIOCAN tenant base

While RioCan's stock price has not experienced significant capital appreciation over the past decade, the company is poised for growth as the market recovers in 2023 and beyond. As economic conditions improve and the real estate market rebounds, RioCan is positioned to benefit from potential capital appreciation, offering investors the opportunity to unlock greater value in the future.

For those seeking to expand their real estate investments beyond US-based REITs while still staying within North America, RioCan ($RIOCF) emerges as an attractive stock. By venturing into the Canadian real estate market through RioCan, investors gain exposure to a robust and dynamic economy, complementing their existing portfolio diversification strategies.

In conclusion, RioCan stands as a prominent player in the Canadian real estate market, offering investors a compelling opportunity within the realm of real estate investment trusts. With its extensive portfolio, dedicated tenant base, and future growth potential, RioCan captures the essence of a promising investment. Whether you're seeking stability, diversification, or the potential for capital appreciation, RioCan ($RIOCF) is a stock worth considering as you navigate the realm of North American real estate investments.

JEPI Stock ($JEPI)


Prepare to discover the impressive world of JEPI, the JP Morgan Equity Premium Income ETF—an income-producing ETF that aims to capture market returns while generating consistent income. As we delve into the details of this remarkable investment option, you'll gain insights into its history, strategy, and performance, empowering you to make an informed decision on whether JEPI is a suitable addition to your portfolio.

JP Morgan introduced JEPI in 2020, although it had previously been offered as a private investment tool before becoming publicly traded. The ETF's inception and prior usage as a private investment tool assure investors of its longstanding existence and tested strategies. This track record adds a layer of confidence for those contemplating the suitability of JEPI as an investment.

JEPI Dividend Yield: 11.77%

JEPI Stock Dividend Monthly: $0.61*

JEPI Stock Dividend Annual: $7.32*

Income from $100,000 investment: $11,770*

*JEPI's monthly dividend is variable

JEPI's Investment Process
JEPI's Investment Process

JEPI's primary objective is to provide investors with monthly distributable income and exposure to the equity market while mitigating volatility. By pursuing a defensive equity portfolio strategy, the ETF's seasoned portfolio managers leverage their extensive experience—accumulating over 60 years of combined expertise in equities and equity derivatives. Their approach encompasses a time-tested, bottom-up fundamental research process, where stock selection is guided by proprietary risk-adjusted stock rankings.

To enhance income generation, JEPI employs a disciplined options overlay strategy. This involves writing out-of-the-money S&P 500 Index call options, which helps generate distributable monthly income. This innovative approach combines elements of equity market exposure and income generation while maintaining a focus on managing volatility.

JEPI's impressive track record speaks for itself. With an attractive 12-month rolling dividend yield of 9.64% and a 30-day SEC yield of 12.51%, it outperforms many other asset classes, including bonds, REITs, and high-yield stocks. In fact, it ranks among the top quintile in the Derivative Income category—an achievement that underscores its ability to deliver consistent income to investors.

In terms of cost, JEPI remains highly competitive, with an expense ratio of 0.35%—a favorable pricing point when compared to its peers. This cost efficiency enhances the appeal of JEPI as an investment option, providing investors with a compelling proposition in terms of risk-adjusted returns.

Lastly, when compared to the overall market in 2022, JEPI exhibited robust performance, demonstrating its ability to decrease volatility during market downturns. This characteristic adds an additional layer of resilience to investors' portfolios, particularly for those seeking income-focused assets.

JEPI comparison

In conclusion, JEPI emerges as a compelling choice for investors seeking income-generating assets to complement their investment portfolios. With its track record of consistent income, focus on managing volatility, and competitive pricing, JEPI proves to be an attractive option for those aiming to capture market returns while benefiting from regular income. By considering JEPI as your number one choice for an income asset, you can potentially enhance your investment portfolio with an ETF that combines stability, income generation, and a history of success.

DISCLOSURE: I am long JEPI in my taxable dividend portfolio

MAIN Stock ($MAIN)

Main Street Capital Logo

Let's explore the fascinating world of Main Street Capital Corporation (NYSE: MAIN), a prominent business development company (BDC) that operates out of Houston, Texas. With over $6.0 billion of investment capital under management, MAIN is dedicated to providing capital to private U.S. companies, making it an integral player in the American business landscape.

MAIN Stock Dividend Yield: 7.01%

MAIN Stock Dividend Monthly: $0.225

MAIN Stock Dividend Annual: $2.70

Income from $100,000 investment: $7,010

One of the standout features of MAIN Street Capital Stock is its commitment to delivering consistent cash dividend yields on a monthly basis. In fact, MAIN has never decreased its monthly dividend rate—a testament to its reliability as an income-generating investment. The company has shown impressive growth in its dividend payouts over the years, with a remarkable 105% increase from $0.33 per share in Q4 2007 to the declared dividends of $0.675 per share for Q1 2023. Additionally, MAIN has supplemented its monthly dividends with additional payouts derived from undistributed income, totaling $0.35 per share in the last twelve months.

MAIN Street Capital's strategic focus revolves around three key areas. First, the company aims to sustain and grow dividends, ensuring a consistent income stream for investors. Second, MAIN strives to meaningfully increase its net asset value (NAV) per share, reflecting the company's commitment to delivering long-term value appreciation. Lastly, MAIN supplements its growth by generating periodic realized gains, enhancing its overall financial performance.

MAIN Street Capital Dividend History

MAIN Street Capital's strategic focus revolves around three key areas. First, the company aims to sustain and grow dividends, ensuring a consistent income stream for investors. Second, MAIN strives to meaningfully increase its net asset value (NAV) per share, reflecting the company's commitment to delivering long-term value appreciation. Lastly, MAIN supplements its growth by generating periodic realized gains, enhancing its overall financial performance.

MAIN Street Capital

MAIN's portfolio consists of the following according to their Q3 2022 investor presentation:

Diving deeper into MAIN's investment portfolio, it becomes evident that the company holds a diverse range of assets. With investments in five portfolio companies valued at $1.9 billion, these holdings constitute 48% of the total investment portfolio at fair value. MAIN's debt investments yield an impressive 11.8%, accounting for 73% of the lower middle market (LMM) portfolio at cost.

Furthermore, an overwhelming majority (99%) of MAIN's debt investments possess a first lien position, providing added security. In addition, 58% of these debt investments earn fixed-rate interest, contributing to a robust net cash interest margin of over 780 basis points when compared to matched fixed interest rates on SBIC debentures and Notes Payable.

Equity ownership in all LMM portfolio companies is a distinguishing feature of MAIN's investment strategy, with an average ownership position of 41% (27% of LMM portfolio at cost). This equity ownership offers various benefits, including the potential for fair value appreciation, cash dividend income, and capital gains. Currently, 68% of the LMM companies with direct equity investments are actively paying dividends, underscoring the income potential of MAIN's equity holdings. Furthermore, the fair value appreciation of these equity investments supports the growth of MAIN's Net Asset Value (NAV) per share. The company's lower entry multiple valuations and lower cost basis contribute to its favorable financial position.

As of September 30, 2022, MAIN boasted $317.3 million in cumulative pre-tax net unrealized appreciation, amounting to $4.17 per share. This impressive figure showcases the potential for further value appreciation within MAIN's investment portfolio.

In conclusion, Main Street Capital Corporation (MAIN) stands as a reputable business development company, offering investors the opportunity to tap into the potential of private U.S. companies. With its consistent dividend payouts, commitment to NAV growth, and diversified investment portfolio, MAIN presents an intriguing option for those seeking income generation, capital appreciation, and long-term value appreciation in their investment strategies.

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In conclusion, we have explored a selection of the best monthly dividend stocks available, focusing on their reliability and consistency in dividend payments. These stocks have proven themselves as safe options for income-seeking investors. While there may be other monthly dividend payers in the market, they often lack the same level of consistency as the ones discussed here. It is crucial to exercise caution and not solely chase high yields when selecting dividend-paying stocks. Additionally, it's essential to consider your time horizon for retirement, as sacrificing potential capital appreciation for higher yields may not be the optimal strategy in the long run. Striking a balance between income generation and capital growth is key to building a robust and sustainable investment portfolio.


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