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January 2023: Dividend Growth Portfolio Update

Table of Contents

Portfolio Update

Dividend Income Growth (YoY)

Quarterly Comparisons

Projected Annual Dividend Income (PADI)

My Dividend Growth Portfolio has a dual purpose: to drive growth in share value while generating a steady stream of passive income to support my retirement goals. With a current dividend yield of 3.19%, the portfolio is heavily weighted towards growth. However, as I approach retirement, I plan to shift my focus towards maximizing income while reducing exposure to growth. To achieve this, I make monthly contributions of $2,000-$4,000, totaling $3,000 this year, and supplement it with my tax-deferred ROTH TSP account. I reinvest all dividends through DRIP, but as my income grows, I'll carefully select reinvestment opportunities and set aside the necessary funds to cover taxes on my withdrawals.

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All Charts are from my Dividend Portfolio Tracker

Dividend Growth Portfolio Allocation
Dividend Growth Portfolio

Portfolio Update

January was decent month for overall returns. I decided to add JEPI Premium Income ETF and Realty Income to boost my overall passive income and portfolio dividend yield. I'm hoping to live off my dividends and pension in four to nine years, so I increased these positions for this reason. I decreased $SCHD allocation to 25% (from 30%) and increased $JEPI to 10% (from 5%).

  • JEPI Stock ($JEPI) x 38

  • Realty Income Stock x 13

These new positions added $241.19 to my portfolio's passive income or just over $20 a month.

My portfolio returned 4.23% compared to the 6.18% posted by the SP500 as a whole. $MMM and $ DIS continue to drag down my overall portfolio performance. JP Morgan recently said that $DIS present a possible 25% upside. I'm hopeful that Disney will make strides to increase stock value this year now that Bob Iger is making changes.

Monthly Portfolio Performance

Dividend Income Growth (YoY)

Dividend Income Growth YoY

My dividend income continues to surpass expectations. January 2023 dividends were more than January 2021 and 2022 combined. This years dividends for January are roughly 4x 2021 and 2x 2022! Forecasting out I will come close to surpassing 2021 total dividend return with 2023's Q1 returns.

Dividend Received Yearly Comparison
Dividends Received Yearly Comparison

My monthly income has now surpassed $100 a month as my lowest payment. February may slip below so I'll keep an eye on this. This is an awesome milestone to see that after this month I should receive less than $100 dollars in any month.

Dividend Income last 24 months

Quarterly Comparisons

Quarterly income continues to grow as expected. You can see below that my January divdends have already outpaced the entire Q1 of 2021. I expect that I will double Q1 2022 results when we end Q1 this year.

Quarterly Dividend Income

Projected Annual Dividend Income (PADI)

Lastly, my projected annual dividend income is now $2,540.72 or $211.73 a month!

16 of my 17 positions pay dividends (Disney being the non-payer). I'm starting to see rumors online of Disney returning it's dividend. If that happens my dividend income will get a nice a boost.

Projected Annual Dividend Income

I hope this update hope helps break down the power of dividends and inspires some of the new dividend investors. Stay the course and be patient!

Happy Investing!

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