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March 2022: Dividend Portfolio Update

Updated: Dec 24, 2022


Monthly Performance

Portfolio Additions / Income Values

Yearly Growth Comparisons

Future Value Estimates

The Power of DRIP

Upcoming Plans / Closing Remarks


The GOAL of my dividend growth portfolio is to balance increasing share value (Growth) while simultaneously building and producing passive income (Dividends) that can be used during retirement. Currently my portfolio is concentrated more on growth with a dividend yield of 2.52%. As I near retirement I will look to produce more income and less growth. Typically, I deposit $2,000-$4,000 monthly into this portfolio, with $9,500 deposited YTD. This portfolio is in addition to my tax deferred ROTH TSP. Currently, I reinvest all dividends utilizing DRIP. As I gain more dividends, I will hand select targeted reinvestment and withdraw the correct percentage to cover anticipated taxes.

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Portfolio Allocation

Monthly Performance

March was a good change of pace for 2022. The stock market itself regained a good amount of its' YTD losses. My portfolio returned +3.65%, which was slightly higher than the SP500 return at 3.58%. YTD my portfolio is still down -3.14%. Hopefully, the market continues to make positive returns into April so 2022 can turn positive overall.

December Portfolio Performance
February Portfolio Performance
YTD Portfolio Performance
YTD Portfolio Performance

Portfolio Additions / Income Values

2021 Dividend Growth Portfolio

Overall, my portfolio is now producing $1,462.94 in passive income annually or $121.91 per month. Currently, Disney is my only position that doesn't pay any dividends. In March I added positions this month to Apple, DGRO, MSFT, and SCHD. The bulk of my additions we're in my ETF positions so I could increase my diversity during the drawdwon without having to worry about picking "one winder".

Annual Dividend Income

I received $249.68 in dividends in March which is $48 larger than my largest monthly dividend payment of 2021 and 5.6x my dividend amount for March 2021! My cumulative total for 2022 is $354.77 and I'm currently on track to vastly outperform 2021.

Monthly Dividends Received
Monthly Dividends Received
Yearly Cumulative Dividends Compared

Below is my monthly income over the last 24-month period. This chart currently only goes back to July 2020 when I received my first dividend payment.

Dividend Income Last 24-Months

Yearly Growth Comparisons

month by month dividends received
Quarterly Dividends

Q1 2022 returned an awesome $354.77! which is a 17.4% increase in dividends compared to Q4 2021 and 3.7x the dividends my portfolio produced in Q1 2021.

Quarterly dividends received

The Power of DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment)

I recently added the charts below to see ow many "Free" shares I've earned over the life of my portfolio. The left charts shows how man shares I've DRIP'ed and the right chart shows the value of those "Free" shares.

Dividend DRIP Value

Like the charts used in this post? Get a copy of Dividend Growth Portfolio spreadsheet HERE!

Future Value Estimates

Portfolio Future Value

The future value of my portfolio given my current contribution rate is around $1,745,324 in 15 years. This would give me a monthly passive income of $4,360 at age 48. This assumes a 10% average dividend growth rate and stock price appreciation. Couple this with my estimated pension and I should be receiving a passive income around $9,360. This is well ell above my FATFire value of $8,000 a month. This will allow my Wife and I to fully retire 11 years early.

Upcoming 2022 Plans

I've been added to my ETFs this month and some of my positions are falling below their goal allocation levels. I plan to rebalance my portfolio by purchasing shares in these under-allocation positions.

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Happy Investing!

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