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Dividend Growth, March Madness Style: A Portfolio Update for 2023

Updated: Apr 14

Dividend portfolio march update

My Dividend Growth Portfolio has a dual purpose: to drive growth in share value while generating a steady stream of passive income to support my retirement goals. With a current dividend yield of 3.26%, the portfolio is heavily weighted towards growth. However, as I approach retirement, I plan to shift my focus towards maximizing income while reducing exposure to growth. To achieve this, I make monthly contributions of $2,000-$4,000, totaling $6,000 this year, and supplement it with my tax-deferred ROTH TSP account. I reinvest all dividends through DRIP, but as my income grows, I'll carefully select reinvestment opportunities and set aside the necessary funds to cover taxes on my withdrawals.

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Table of Contents

Dividend Received in March

Monthly Dividends Compared

Quarterly Dividends

Projected Annual Dividend Income (PADI)


portfolio dasboard

All Charts are from my Dividend Portfolio Tracker

portfolio alloction

Dividends Received in March

This month I paused contributions for my account since I'm am putting my house on the market. I decided to add my normal $3,000 to my high yield savings account, brining that account total to $20,010. This is my first month using my HYSA. It currently yield 3.75%. Meaning I should earn $750.37 a year or $62.53 a month.

hysa balance

I received a total of $419.97 in dividends in March. This brings my 2023 dividends received total to $635.75. I received the following dividends in March:

​Stock Ticker

Dividend Value Received

Dividend Growth ETF (DGRO)


Consolidated Edison (ED)


Home Depot (HD)


JP Morgan Income ETF (JEPI)


The 3M Company (MMM)


Microsoft (MSFT)


Realty Income (O)


Charles Schwab Div ETF (SCHD)


Visa Inc (V)


Vanguard 500 (VOO)


Exxon Mobile (XOM)


cumulative dividends

Monthly Dividends Compared

In 2021, I received $44 in dividends. My dividends in 2023 were nearly 10x that value!

monthly dividends

Quarterly Dividends

My portfolio's dividend growth is around 9%, with that my 1st Quarter dividends are the highest of all time. This comes after a $6,000 investment addition year to date. It's wild to see how I was receiving little no dividends in 2020. and short three years ago.

quarterly dividends

Projected Annual Dividend Income (PADI)

One major milestone that my portfolio achieved is that I am now earning over $100 dollars a month consistently. March, June, September, and December still remain my highest monthly payments since most of my positions pay quarterly.

dividend income over the last 24 months

My dividend portfolio's PADI is $2,653.22 annually or an average of $221.10 a month. Adding in my HYSA account PADI of $750.37 a year or $62.53 a month I get the following for my overall investments PADI of:

$3,403.59 annually or $283.63 a month

projected annual dividend income

March and Annual Performance

During March my portfolio closely tracked the SP500. Overall it returned a half of percent less at 2.97%.

monthly performance

My portfolio's annual performance is lagging the SP500 for a decent amount. I've returned 4.14% compared to the SP500's return of 6.53%. Some of this I attribute to $MMM as it has fallen 16% YTD. I am considering adding more to this position to significantly reduce my cost basis to capitalize on $MMM's recovery.

annual performance

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