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November 2021: Dividend Portfolio Update

Updated: Dec 24, 2022


Monthly Performance

Portfolio Additions / Income Values

Yearly Growth Comparisons

Upcoming Plans / Closing Remarks

3 Best/Worst Monthly Performers


The GOAL of my dividend growth portfolio is to balance increasing share value (Growth) while simultaneously building and producing passive income (Dividends) that can be used during retirement. Currently my portfolio is concentrated more on growth with a dividend yield of 2.51%. As I near retirement I will look to produce more income and less growth. Typically, I deposit $2,000-$4,000 monthly into this portfolio, with $29,000 deposited YTD. This portfolio is in addition to my tax deferred ROTH TSP. Currently, I reinvest all dividends utilizing DRIP. As I gain more dividends, I will hand select targeted reinvestment and withdraw the correct percentage to cover anticipated taxes.

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Monthly Performance

My portfolio started November off strong but lost all of its' momentum and upside in the last week during the market selloff. Overall, my portfolio drawback was -0.54% for the month. This was less than the SP500 drawback of -0.83% and a little over one third of the total US stock market decline of -1.46% for the month.

October Portfolio Performance
November Portfolio Performance

My portfolio has returned +19.97% YTD when compared to the +21.59% return of the SP500. You can see that my portfolio diverged away from the SP500 during the beginning of November. I attribute this to my increased position in JEPI over the last two months. JEPI is great for income but does not match the performance of the SP500. I am considering revising this position from 10% of my portfolio down to 5%. This is the ROI if you don't include my reinvested dividends.

YTD Portfolio Performance
YTD Portfolio Performance
YTD Account Balance
YTD Account Balance

Portfolio Additions / Income Values

I added another $3,000 deposit in November that I used to purchase shares in Cisco, DGRO, JEPI, MMM, and SCHD. No new positions were added and all purchases went to increasing my previous holdings. Additionally, Realty Income completed its' spinoff and I received two shares of Orion Office REIT (ONL). I plan to keep these shares to see how ONL performs and what dividends they will be distributing in the future. These shares added another $97.67 to my annual passive income or $7.97 per month.

Dividend Growth Portfolio
Income Value from November Additions

Overall, my portfolio is now producing $1,125.01 in passive income annually or $93.75 per month. Not bad for just over a year and a half of building this dividend growth portfolio. Currently, Disney is my only position that does not pay any dividends. I hope to pass my personal goal for this year of $100 a month in dividends by the end of year.

Dividend Growth Portfolio Passive Income
Dividend Growth Portfolio Passive Income

I received $44.59 in dividends in November this year compared to the $12.14 I earned last year. November is an off quarter month so it pays a lower amount of dividends than my quarterly payments. Overall, my dividends have grown 716.59% YTD compared to 2020.

Yearly Growth Comparisons

Monthly Dividends Received
Monthly Dividends Received
month by month dividends received

This is the second month of Q4 and I've already surpassed 2020's Q4 totals. 2020 Q4 my portfolio made $55.52 compared to the $85.87 my portfolio has earned this quarter so far.

Quarterly dividends received

My portfolio's passive income has grown significantly when compared to 2020 and represents my transition to dividend investing near the end of last year. I'm excited to see how my portfolio grows in 2022 when I compare it to 2021.

sum of dividends received annually

3 Best Performers and 3 Worst Performers for November

Below are the three best performers from my portfolio which kept my portfolio from worse returns during November. My three best performers were Apple, Costco, and Home Depot. The returns are listed below:

AAPL: +10.51%

COST: +9.73%

HD: +7.77%

Apple Return +10.51%
Costco Return +9.73%
Home Depot Return +7.77%
Below are my three worst positions in my portfolio for November. My three worst positions were Orion Office REIT, Disney, and Visa. Orion doesn't affect my portfolio much since I only hold the shares I got through the Realty Income spinoff. Visa has consistently underperformed for the year and I am considering selling my shares and adding to DGRO, SCHD, and MSFT. The returns are listed below:

ONL: -28.92%

DIS: -14.83%

V: -8.34%

Orion Office REIT Return -28.92%
Disney Return -14.3%
Visa Return -8.34%

Upcoming Plans

I am considering a few movements in the coming months that I mentioned above. I plan to rebalance JEPI down to 5% and bring AAPL and MSFT up to an allocation of 6% and 5% respectively. Both were previously set to 3% of my overall portfolio. This should help my portfolio track closer to the SP500 benchmark since I am working on growth currently over passive income. I plan to do a deep dive into Visa soon and may use that information to decide what I am going to do with that position.

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