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Google Sheets Dividend Portfolio Tracker

Manage your dividend portfolio effortlessly with our Google Sheets Dividend Portfolio Tracker. Built off the powerful Google Finance Suite, this comprehensive tool offers maximum automation and brings all the essential metrics together in one convenient package. Stay on top of your investments and financial goals with features like lifetime value and gain/loss values, automated top 10/bottom 10 positions, dividend and HYSA income tracking, daily price changes, cost value versus portfolio value analysis, automated gain and loss computations, current allocation percentage versus goal percentage, dividend yield and yield on cost calculations, and automated income calculations.

Gain valuable insights into your investment performance by identifying the positions that contribute the most to your income. With the option to selectively target lower positions, you have the flexibility to optimize your portfolio strategy. The tracker also offers a light and dark theme, allowing you to customize your experience.

Additionally, our tracker provides interactive charts that empower you to visualize and analyze your dividend payments over the years, broken down by month. Compare quarterly dividend payments across different years and track your progress with annual dividend totals, ensuring you stay motivated on your investment journey.

Streamline your dividend portfolio management with our Google Sheets Dividend Portfolio Tracker today!

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